42SDC Projects

Erika Feldman
Manager, Theatre Row


Erika Feldman is the General Manager of Theatre Row Studios, a complex of Off-Broadway rental venues, rehearsal studios and office spaces. The venue’s performance spaces range from 55-199 seats. The facility is home to the Keen Company, TACT, The Mint Theatre, the United Solo Festival, TBTB and Pan Asian Theatre Company, as well as many other non-profit and commercial productions.

Prior to joining Theatre Row in 2004, Ms. Feldman worked in company and general management in both the commercial and non-profit theater world. Ms. Feldman is an advisor for the Tenderloin Economic Development Project of San Francisco and hopes to further help them concretize their goal of creating an arts center in the Tenderloin that will be the centerpiece of a civic renewal for that area.

– Email: erika@theatrerow.org

– TEL: 212 714 2442

Lisala Beatty
Director, Music and the Brain


Lisala Beatty is the Director of Music and the Brain, a music education program started in 1997 by the 42nd Street Development Corporation (www.musicandthebrain.org). MATB has been used in over 200 NYC public schools, as well as schools in New Orleans, LA, Miami and Ferguson, MO, among other cities. MATB students, mostly 5-8 year olds, learn to read music and play the piano.

Ms. Beatty has played a key role in overseeing and expanding the MATB program, both within NYC and nationally. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, Lisala brings her skills as a music educator as well as her business acumen to her role.

– Email: Lisala@musicandthebrain.org

– TEL:212-695-4242